Thursday, 2 June 2011

Mark ContentType as default in Sharepoint Designer 2010

This is pretty simple stuff, but I just spent ten minutes looking at Sharepoint Designer trying to figure out where I clicked to change the default content type on a list!  I guess I'm just not used to the ribbon :)

Google didn't help (probably too easy a problem for it) so I thought I would right this up in case anyone else was suffering.

I've created a content type, here it is associated with a list in Sharepoint Designer:
But how do I make it default?  I finally spotted the option after clicking through endless options in SP designer - the trick is to highlight the content type (and not click on its name to see the content type editor!) and the look at the ribbon:

Hurray!  There it is.
Click on this and we have a new default:
I hope this helps some other Sharepoint 2010 newbie.